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Why us?

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This is our Workout of the Day (W.O.D.) as prescribed by our coaching staff. In our CrossFit class you will focus an hour of your time toward pushing yourself to the next level. Here, we take...

  • 1 Hour

Barbell Club

Manta Ray Barbell Club is a competition-based CrossFit class. In Barbell Club, athletes will move through a fast-paced, high-volume training session. This class remains true to the methodology of CrossFit that includes a balance in all...

  • 1.25 hrs


There are several reasons why CrossFit and yoga go hand in hand.  Honestly, it is quite a symbiotic relationship. It is inevitable that practicing yoga will boost your CrossFit performance and your overall health and well-being. ...

  • 1 Hour

Olympic Lift

Manta Ray Olympic Lifting focuses on enhancing the technical execution of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and related lifts. Our intent is to supplement your regular training regimen and improve on the key elements of Explosiveness,...

  • 1 Hour

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids was founded in 2004 by Jeff and Mikki Martin and is a method for teaching Greg Glassman’s CrossFit to children, ages 3-18. Based on the principle of Mechanics => Consistency => Intensity, CrossFit Kids...

CrossFit Kids CrossFit Kids

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